Eskola House and the Village hall


Eskola House

Koulutie 3, 69150 Eskola (prev. Hanhineva school)

Eskola House, a.k.a. Eskola-talo, is a diverse and developing service facility. Under our roof you can find the lunchtime restaurant Pikku-Pässi, Tenavatalli kindergarten, the village library, the school and the village info office, where you can find information about f.ex. the domestic services. Welcome!

Open on weekdays from 9 to 15 or when the staff is present.

Information in English from the number of the village society: +358 44 947 9102.



The lower elementary school classes 0-6 are provided in Eskola by the municipality of Lapinjärvi 500 km away from Eskola as a part of a three year experiment. The experiment aims to find out the costs and efficiency of organising schooling to small groups with the help of digital solutions and in collaboration with the local community. Further information of the project: pia.aaltonen(at) (head of local education and culture)


The library owned by the village society is on the second floor of Eskola House.

The library is open on the opening hours of the lunchtime restaurant, weekdays from 10.45 to 13.00 (lending and returns at the restaurant counter)



The rooms are available for rental for many functions. We have a digital projection device and sound equipment. Also the catering services of our restaurant are available. The gymnasium is often used for different kinds of exercise classes.

Info in English +358 44 947 9102



Eskolan Kyläpalvelu, the village service company, has three rental apartments next to Eskola House. The apartments' bathrooms have been renovated recently. Info in English +358 44 947 9102




Locomotive Shed - Eskola Village hall

Pinolankatu 1, 69150 Eskola

The old locomotive shed, converted to a village hall, has a specific landmark: an old locomotive and the residence car attached to it. The Locomotive Shed is the gathering place for the volunteer societies in the village and it also serves as the base for the village rehabilitative work. At the village hall there are also community college classes and it can be rented for many kinds of venues. Also the woodworking shop at the village hall is available to rent. Info: +358 44 947 9102 or eskolan.kyla(at)



The village society provides 10 rehabilitative work places for people who have trouble getting employed.