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Welcome to Eskola!

Eskola is an active industrial village in Central Osthrobotnia, Finland. The nearest towns are Kannus, Toholampi and Sievi. Ylivieska is about 30 minutes car ride away and Kokkola about 40 minutes away from Eskola.

The main developers of Eskola are the 400 villagers, who have founded Eskola Village society to represent them. Eskola Village society is the admin of this internet site and we wish you welcome to a tour of our village.

Eskola village motto is "Elävästi eteenpäin", which freely translated means "Livingly onwards". We could also describe Eskola with the words "A village with Character".

Sightseeing in Eskola

Eskola is a village of pine forests, ridges and rural fields. The historically significant village of Leppilampi by a beautiful lakeside is a part of Eskola. In Leppilampi you can find a marked nature trail, which is 12,5 km long.

The old forest railroad is an important part of Eskola's past. The railroad was used by the Ministry of Forestry from the 1920's to the 1960's and during that time it was a very significant employer in this area. There are a number of sites in Eskola that commemorate the old forest railroad or the "Little railroad": the forest railroad museum, the old locomotive shed that serves as a village hall, the miniature of the railroad and many more.

In Eskola you can also find for example a man-made swimming pond, a wetland for game birds (a nice location for bird watching etc.), a village chapel and of course the popular summer theatre Eskolan kesäteatteri.

Services and facilities in Eskola

At lunchtime on weekdays you can dine at the lunch cafeteria Pikku-Pässi, which is located in Eskola-talo (Eskola house, address: Koulutie 3). In Eskola house you can also find the kindergarten Tenavatalli, the village library, the village home school and a service center, where you can find information about the village.

The lunch cafeteria is also open on demand, if you are planning a visit to Eskola, you can contact us beforehand and we can serve you also after the lunch hours and on weekends.

The grill-bar Antinoja is located in the address Kylätie 22.



Lunch cafeteria / restaurant


Eskola-talo, Koulutie 3, Eskola

Open on weekdays (Mon-Fri)
10.45 - 13.00
Lunch 8,50 e
Pensioners: 7,00 e


Village info

+358 44 947 910

Eskola village services

Eskola is a special village:
we provide a lot of our services
ourselves. The village has an own
company: Eskola Village Service.
The owners of the company are
the villagers and other people who
support our cause.

Do you wish to know more?
Other villages have a possibility to
learn about our experiences.
You can order a tour of our village
with a lecture about our service model.

You can contact us via email: